Life in a mobile home

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During the actual economic crisis, living in a trailer appears like the cheaper way of housing. Bob says how is the trailer park of Georgetown street. We met Bob, friday april 18th in the trailer park near the famous motor speedway of Indianapolis where the 500 miles race is organized every year. This year it will occur in may 25th. In the following video, you can hear the noise of the practices.



- What is your name?
- My name is Bob.
- Do you live here for a long time?
- Yes, I've arrived here twenty years ago. But I moved several times and I came back. I lived in this trailer three years (he shows it) and now I live in the trailer at the end of this street since eight years. Before, I lived in the other trailer park.
- Was it in Indianapolis?
- Yes, it was just in the other side of this trailer. Different people owns these parks. A family owns this side and, three rows over, the part is to an other family. So these two families make a big business.
- Why did you choose to live here?
- It's convenient, it's economical and I do.
- How much does it cost by month to live here?
- It depends of the park where you are. I would say an average around 180 dollars but it could be different for different people. If you have more than one car, there is charge extra, so if you have a washer. Right now, it's a little more than in the past.
- It's the cheaper place in Indianapolis...
- Yes, you can't find cheaper than that.
- How is your trailer?
- It's quite the same of this one which is 70 feet (21,3 meters). Mine is a little less with 60 feet (18,3 meters). It's the same manufacture. Most of the trailers around here were made by a manufacture that no longer exists.
- How is this park considered? Is it a good, a medium or a low park?
- It's OK. I think the park on this side has a little better job of maintenance. But it's close than here.
- Do you live alone or...?
- I have two cats... and they rule the rust so I think that I must go back up right now.
- Is it a safe place?
- Probably as safe as anywhere there is.
- Is there no thief, no violence?
- Extremely rarely. It's happened but only from people who had come from outside. when we have race here, there is security around so we are not getting trouble. Race time is pretty quiet. People go on and come every time but it's people enjoying themselves.
- Do you think to stay here for a long time or do you plan to move one day?
- I have no idea. I might be moving, I don't know; things change...
- What could be the reasons for you to move?
- I don't know. It could be a few reason. If they want to build the Georgetown road through the middle of here, I won't have no choice. Twenty years ago here was a field. First we have been put here and when they have built the Georgetown road, they've put us in the other field. So, economic people know that houses move.
- In winter, is it difficult to heat a trailer?
- Actually it's not too bad. I can have energy as everybody else. Some of these trailers are better built than other one. I have more problem with the sunshine in my front window because the sun comes straight in it.
- I imagine, it's very hot in the summer.
- Yes, because this field is open here, it makes the kitchen warmer than the rest of the place. Actually, most of the place is pretty good because of my air conditioner.
- What is the name of the cat?
- This is Stormy. It's the bigger.
- Yes, very big.
- Its brother is almost bigger than it. It looks bigger in some way but it's not as heavy. (At his cat) Look at the man, he's taking you in a picture.
- It's the guardian of the house.
- It's like to be healthy but it weights too much. It weights almost 18 pounds (8,2 kg).

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