A new exciting choice in the old new world

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More than never, every voter, perhaps every American, finds the democrate's primary contest exciting. But even a foreigner is today more interested than never by the fight for the White House.

Because of the context, because of the actors and in particular because of Barack Obama.
Talking yesterday with a democrate party's member in a polling station of 34th street about the left positioning of Obama, the man answered me that neither JFK nor Franklin Roosevelt had been so far on the left side of the party. Not only did the American democracy bipolar system keep the presidency out of all kinds of extremism but also it prevented the power from significant change over. It was about pragmatism and no ideology. Didn't we say that ideology died when the Berlin wall felt?

Never seen before

The Obama emerging reminds us that the world is not frozen in a free market scheme. It's not just an oversea's feeling that working more to earning more doesn't work every time. Until the prosperity of Wall street meant the prosperity of main street for a wealthy people of America the question of change hadn't to be asked here. But the weakness of the American way begins to appear more and more often. For the first time in two centuries, the life expectancy has decreased for a part of the population. And it's not caused by a sort of new disease. No; it's the result of the poverty when some people have no access to health care.
When Obama put his priority on social security and education for all, he speaks like a French socialist. When he prefers insist on new energy than on oil prices rebate for ninety days, he speaks about decrease like an altermondialist. It's never seen for a pretender to presidency. So, this "never seen" claim appeals a "never seen" response. As a lot of people remarked Tuesday in Indianapolis, new activists appeared on streets' corners and in front of big stores. Ones they have never casted their vote before.

Choose the G8 or the planet

It's not the topic to say if it's good or if it's bad, if it means that Barack Obama will be the future president or not. But let's try to understand this change which occures not only when American economy enters in recession but also when the earth suffers of "developmentaches" : overdevelopment, underdevelopment, pollution, etc.
The world is moving, the world is changing, strongly and painfully. It slides out of the old scheme where America leads the G8 and the G8 leads the planet. So America, even as an hyperpower, can't ignore all these choices that so much people have to make right now. Fight against imperialism and benefits' logic or deal with it? Open or close the door of cohabitation? Keep billions people out of  wealthy or accept to share?
No way is easy. No way is sure. But for the first time, next November, American voters could have to make this universal choice and not only pick between two liberal candidates. It could be the choice between remaining the western leader, defending a style of society which has been so admired, and some time admirable, through the five last centuries, or running on a craggy track for understand the world and stay its reference.

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